Cloud Service Performance – Is it any less important than internet testing?

By Krystallize | Apr 08, 2019

Millions of times a day, home and business users simply go to and click “Go” to test and measure their Internet service performance. Within minutes, Ookla’s Speedtest shows just how fast (or slow) your Internet connection is delivering its network services. In other words, they help determine if you are getting the internet speed you are paying for.

Founded in 2006, the Ookla Speedtest is widely recognized as the gold standard — the most popular and reliable — in testing Internet connections across all providers. Ookla Speedtest takes the mystery out of Internet service and gives you a clear and accurate measure of Internet speed. You can measure and compare results so you can be sure that you’re buying and getting the Internet speeds you need. Service testing and transparency are key when buying complex services to because they provide confidence that the service is delivering as expected.

If Ookla Speedtest has proven to be essential for Internet service, how much more critical will a similar test become for cloud services? Cloud services are much more complex than Internet services, and currently do not have a the similar ‘service test and validation’ that Speedtest brings to Internet services. Cloud Services need the same simplicity brought forth to measure, assess, and validate service performance. There needs to be a clear, accurate, and quick measurement of the thousands of cloud service offerings available.

To fill this gap for cloud customers (and everyday users), Krystallize Technologies has developed CloudQoS® (Cloud Quality of Service). Krystallize’s cloud performance service is the first and only universal testing and measurement service to evaluate, quantify, and score performance in the cloud. The CloudQoS® performance test runs within a few minutes and reports back on the number of computing, storage, memory,and network transactions the cloud (hosting or desktop) platform can concurrently deliver — exactly the same way Ookla Speedtest tests your network performance.

In an effort to bring transparency to cloud services, CloudQoS® will offer a simplified version (free download)  that will measure any Cloud, hosting, or desktop platform . On April 8th, 2019, we will release the CloudQoS® Self Service Index page where the Free download will be available.

In the meantime, please visit where you can find the Monthly CloudQoS® CSP Index, which tests, rates, and ranks the performance of the top four CSPs, as well as consistency, predictability, and reliability across their most basic Linux and Windows services. The CloudQoS® CSP Index brings reliable performance management to your cloud operations.

For more information about how CloudQoS helps you better evaluate cloud performance, contact us, or visit the Krystallize booth at Google Cloud Next ’19 in San Francisco April 9-11.

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