Krystallize Cloud Service Providers Index

Krystallize CSP Index

Krystallize has been running performance benchmarking on the major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google and IBM) for more than 3 years. This comprehensive testing runs a set of standard workloads across the clouds to produce a uniform set of measurements. This allows our customers to rank the vendors from a performance, price/ performance and variability perspective.

Our Index reveals endemic variability of cloud performance created by factors such as over-subscription, the age of underlying hardware components, or even the patch level of the specific cloud instance. CloudQoS index data highlights the significant variation across cloud providers and even within the same cloud provider.

With Krystallize, you’ll know how your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) stacks up against the other providers.

Powered by Krystallize’s patented CloudQoS technology, Krystallize deploys a standardized benchmark synthetic workload and collects key performance metrics and application throughput measures for analysis, assessment, and ranking. More than 160 systems are tested across 2- and 4-core Windows and Linux operating systems across the top four major CSPs every month.

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