Krystallize Competitive Intelligence

 Krystallize helps many of the world’s largest technology providers to compare & analyze their technology solutions against similar industry offerings. Our approach leverages CloudQoS to rapidly benchmark platform services using a number of workload synthetic profiles such as Database (Oracle/ HANA/ SQL), Application Servers, Web Servers and highly customized workloads that can be a mirror of. The benchmarking is done to ascertain a uniform measure of performance and/or price performance across multiple platforms (including bare metal, private cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud).

The unique benefit of our approach massively reduces the time spent provisioning and testing systems,  provide a uniform measure of capability and is attestable with real data. CloudQoS can replicate a given application profile across many systems in minutes – saving hundreds of hours build out time. Typically, our clients test a given workload across many platforms to understand how their solutions compare to the market.

Once the testing is completed Krystallize provides attestable comprehensive reports, underlying data and recommendations that can be used for optimization and/or marketing.

In the example below Krystallize compared SAP on a pair of cloud providers, leveraging a SAP HANA benchmark workload synthesized by our CloudQoS.

Although the original configuration of the benchmark took time, cross platform evaluation was setup in minutes, and the capability could be measured over a span of time to evaluate the stability and reliability of the service delivery.

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