Microsoft Earns JEDI Contract: Krystallize Migration Assessment

By Krystallize | Oct 29, 2019

Microsoft Earns JEDI Contract:

Krystallize Migration Assessment

In case you have not heard; Microsoft Azure beat AWS, earning the 10 year Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract worth $10 Billion. Interestingly enough, we recently compared similar offerings from Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

In our last blog titled “SAP Battle: Azure Makes Entrance”, we introduced Azure as the third contestant in the SAP Battle. Using our Migration Assessment, the following data would ensure that any decisions were data driven.

Krystallize compared the Azure 364-16s v3 and the AWS x1e.4xlarge offerings to determine performance segmented by memory, capability, and cost. Krystallize found that the Microsoft offering had less memory, higher Cost/HR, and Cost/Giga SCM. However, Azure boasted the greater capability score.

Table 1. From Previous Blog (SAP Battle: Azure Makes Entrance)Provider Google Azure AWS Offering custom-16- 499712-ext e64-16s v3 xle.4xlarge vCPU 16 16 / 64 16 Mem 488 GB 432 GB 488 GB Capability 323 256 238 Cost/hr $3.714 $4.039 $3.436 Cost per Giga SCM $3.19 $4.38 $4.01

Amazon representatives were shocked at the decision, expressing their position when asked about the decision from the Department of Defense. If you were provided a similar, yet expanded data set when making a migration decision, what migration strategy would you choose? Given that the 10 year deal with Microsoft only guarantees 2 years, is it possible that the remaining 8 years could reflect a multi provider strategy?

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