SAP Battle: Azure Makes Entrance

By Lane Inman | Oct 15, 2019

SAP Battle: Azure Makes Entrance


We’ve spoken about AWS and Google for SAP a few times now, which begs one to ask, what about Azure? Fortunately for us, we spent a few minutes the other day, and rolled out the workload over in Azure to give her a go; perhaps the most complicated part of that conversation was navigation through the catalog.

Like Amazon, Azure does not provide custom sizes; so we targeted a largely comparable service offering to the previous configuration. In this case, we quickly chose the azure e64-16s v3 based on availability to us at the time of the test and the memory profile. Microsoft states that only 16 cores are available on this otherwise configured 64 vcpu machine. Since that time, the m16ms has been made more readily available, and we may look at that in the future.

In this case, Azure beats out AWS in capability trailing to Google, however the price becomes discouraging. Assuming the m16ms has similar characteristics, the price point would likely bring it below AWS, but not on a cost per GigaSCM.

In our next blog we will provide a summary of what we have found as well as bringing in some practical discussion of implementation.

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