AWS VS. GCP – Price Performance Results – Split Decision

By Lane Inman | Aug 13, 2019

AWS VS. GCP Round 3: Price Performance Results – Split Decision

The response to our SAP discussion has been a lively one which has helped point out some of the challenges with moving to the cloud. At first we examined the challenge with comparing cloud providers standard offerings in a consistent manner. Then, we evaluated the loads with the closest to compare of offerings, and now, we look at cost.

In the first round, we found that the significantly larger GCP instance was able to provide an overall performance benefit to AWS. Unfortunately, the comparison was sku’d in favor of the significantly larger GCP instance over the AWS instance. GCP and AWS have different cost structures and different commercials which combine to make the discussion of cost a somewhat provider-imposed list of challenges. For this exercise we will leverage the advertised retail cost.

AWS proves to be the cost leader for the current weight ranking coming in with an 8% savings over google. However the cost for a GigaSCM for GCP is 20% less. The question becomes, what is the level of capability required for the app, and is total spend or capability per dollar the goal.

It should be taken into consideration the small portion of cost that infrastructure plays in a solid ERP roll-out. It is not uncommon for a roll-out to take over a year and employ large numbers of people. Once you begin to add the licensing of SAP HANA and other add-ons, it is fairly easy to say that infrastructure itself often represents less than 10% of the transformational project, and is often less the focus of the effort than the more costly dimensions. After careful consideration, the final result yields a split decision where additional rounds will be needed to determine an overall winner. With such a close battle, imagine the chaos that would ensue if a third contender entered the competition…

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