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Who We Are

Why We Do It

You need a cloud services provider working as hard as you do, because you can’t afford to waste money, time, and energy. Our unique outcome-based data is your secret weapon in CSP selection. This in-depth insight uncovers valuable performance measures that truly matters to your bottom line. Through Continuous Service Assurance, we help you understand your application demand and match that to the right cloud provider, and configuration ensuring consistency, predictability, and reliability.

What We Do

When you have the right Match, you’ll know it. We will too. We’re talking about finding the best cloud service provider and configuration to meet your applications unique needs. Migrating and managing the cloud shouldn’t be clouded in uncertainty and confusion. Here at Krystallize, as Cloud performance experts, we believe the journey should be crystal clear. We bring clarity to the cloud–ensuring your service is performing at its best. That clarity means identifying a best-fit and best-cost baseline of cloud performance just for you so we can help maintain and optimize your underlying service performance.

How We Do It

Introducing Krystallize CloudQoS®. The CloudQoS® system gives you the transparency to successfully operate, optimize, and manage your cloud services, all without breaking the bank. Our proprietary technology uses Krystallize’s patented platform QoSApp™ to capture and simulate the unique application workload demands within your cloud environment. CloudQoS® gives you the ability to have visibility into your underlying service’s performance. Helping you maintain a consistent, predictable, reliable service using real data.


Krystallize CloudQoS® CSP Index

We know you’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here–a universal benchmark of cloud performance.

Krystallize’s monthly CloudQoS® CSP Index rates and ranks the top four CSPs for service capability and price/performance. This unique insight into baseline performance gives you the confidence to transition and manage applications within your cloud services.

The intelligent performance data curated by the CloudQoS® CSP Index helps you identify the best-fit, best-cost CSP for your organization.This data also ensures service supply and application demand remain in balance.

Krystallize Cost Optimization Assessment

Let’s us help you take the guess work and glutenous conservativism out of Cloud sizing!

Are your Cloud bills higher than expected? Are you struggling to understand and budget for cloud appropriately? Do you know if you are really driving maximum consumption from your committed Cloud spend? Let Krystallize help ensure that you gain transparency into your Cloud consumption through understanding your true Cloud demand, marrying this with your Cloud supply. In the haste and rush to Cloud many Enterprises have fallen into the trap of over provisioning – very similar to challenge the industry faced a decade ago when they moved to virtualized systems. Are experience shows that many Cloud instances are utilized less than 10% and a given workload may perform to SLA on a much smaller and more economical instance type. Leveraging CloudQoS we can quickly baseline your applications true performance requirements and rapidly synthetically test this on a set of cloud instances to see the best fit based on cost. Real measures…no more guessing.

CloudQoS® Best Fit, Right Sizing and Migration Assessment

Whether you on the cloud or are considering migrating to the Cloud, making sizing decisions can be complex especially with the myriad of choices the Cloud providers offer.  Perhaps you take the simple approach and marry what you had in your legacy to what you think might be ‘similar’ in the Cloud or, perhaps you follow some arbitrary recommendation from a software vendor? These approaches are crude, especially when our data and testing proves that there is huge Cloud variability even within a given cloud provider (in 2018 our data shows us that there was 79% variability for one commonly used  AWS (a very large swing in what in the  performance capability for a given instance).

Leveraging CloudQoS, Krystallize can rapidly determine the nature of your as-is environment. It can do this regardless if it is bare metal, Private Cloud, Public Cloud and  it will understand your workload performance requirements. Once this baseline is established we can quickly and synthetically recreate that workload on any target environment, determining where it best fits. This approach avoids over provisioning and also helps ensure that you are sized right. This helps by reducing risks of hitting any given performance ceiling. Another benefit of this is reduction of time and costs associated with load testing. Load testing can be done in minutes and not be the logistical, complex, and costly exercise that is the norm!

Krystallize CloudQoS® Competitive Intelligence

Want to understand how your new platform performs compared to your competitor? Do you want to understand if your latest hyper-converged solution or strategic server platform compares to similar offerings in the market? Want to know how a given application will perform on your hardware, Private cloud or Public Cloud vs. competitive offerings?

Leveraging Krystallize CloudQoS we can quickly baseline a given host platform (bare metal, Private Cloud and/or Public Cloud) to see how it compares to other environments. Our unique, patented software, allows to universally translate performance of a given server, application or workload across any environment. A digital universal measuring stick if you will.

A short Competitive Intelligence assessment can quickly help you compare your platform to other market offerings – with Krystallize providing an unbiased data driven report that summarizes our findings.

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